Monday, 13 December 2010


Suspense is a feeling of anxiety, this can also be used as a technique in many tv dramas and films where it is used to build the audience's tension and get them excited. For examples in a film series like Saw, this can get the audience thinking as this film is very psychological, usually in the end of every film, the murderer and the game plan is revealed leaving the protagonist dead or desperate to escape. It is shown by the flashback effects and a man talking about what happened. Suspense can also be created through false plateu which lowers the audience into full sense of security. For example in 'Jaws' the people in the beach thought the shark was coming even though it wasn't but after the shark comes and rips off a man from his leg.
 This shows the protagonist trying to find something. This films is about an accountant who becomes obsessed with the number 23. This film includes many puzzles and it could get the audience creeped out and interested.

 This is a scene from the movie SAW, nearly the whole film is focused around this scene, one man who is a doctor has to escape by cutting his feet or killing the other guy if he doesn't do it in time his wife and daughter gets killed.

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