Friday, 28 January 2011

Jelly Baby Project.

We were recently set a task to make a short film with Jelly Babies, in our film we had to include :-

  • Jelly Babies having conversation
  • Jelly Baby interacting with a door
  • Jelly Babies walking 

As this was quite a humorous topic because sweets were involved, we decided to go with a comedy theme, 
the story line we originally cam up with was a jelly baby funeral, that way we could include all the features
we had to, we consider this idea but found it to be quite BORING to watch. 
We changed the idea to a jelly baby dumping her boyfriend for another Jelly baby, then she later got stepped on and died. this idea was much better because it was aimed for a younger audience. 

Filming was extremely tricky as we had to make the jelly babies move but we didn't want to interact with them personally to make it seem more real. So we then decided to take Still Images, with a Camera instead and make the production that way. this made if come to life. 

The editing was like a puzzle in some way because first we had to gather all the still images and put them into a sequence so the story would make sense in Final Cut Pro.
When that was done we wondered how we was going to make the Jelly babies speak, but we decided to record the sound by Video Camera and play it over the still images. 
We used Soundtrack Pro for dramatic music and Live type for titles. 

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