Thursday, 13 January 2011

Thriller Sub-Genres

Thriller movies come in all sorts of different genres:

Conspiracy Thriller - e.g. Three Days of the Condor
Crime Thriller - e.g. Seven
Disaster Thriller - e.g. Earthquake
Erotic Thriller - e.g. Basic Instinct
Legal Thriller - e.g. The Client
Medical Thriller - e.g. Extreme Measures
Mystery Thriller - e.g. Flightplan
Political Thriller - e.g. The Constant Gardener
Psychological Thriller - e.g. Suspicion
Rape and Revenge Thriller - e.g. The Last House on the Left
Religious Thriller - The Da Vinci Code
Supernatural Thriller - e.g. Lady In The Water
Techno Thriller - e.g. The Thirteenth Floor

Here are the primary thriller sub-genres:

1. Mystery Thriller - Mystery Thrillers are films filled with suspense where the characters have to solve a mystery which contain a lot of unravelling scenes.

2. Crime Thriller - Crime Thrillers are films which are filled with most likely criminal masterminds, who commits a successful crime or failed crime. A majority of times, crime thrillers are focused on the criminals rather than the police. They often have a lot of action as they have different topics of crime. Such as robbery, shootouts and murder.

3. Phychological Thriller - Phychological Thrillers are films which often end in violence or death as the main characters are faced with conflict from mental or emotional events.

Mystery Thriller Crime Thriller Phychological Thriller

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