Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Art of the Title

In Daniel Kleinman’s title sequence for Casino Royale, I can see that he works with vectors/shapes, lines and silhouettes which make the characters or objects look bold. This sequence works very well as it introduces the audience to the theme in a unique way. It shows cards which add its point to ‘casino’, and guns and fighting for action

This sequence doesnt use much images or shots, but mainly edited animation. From what I can see, there is mainly close up of his body part such as hands and long shots of his whole body in action.

When I first saw this sequence, I thought it was phenomenal and it couldn’t have been any better. This sequence makes me want to see more, and gets me hyped up to see some action. I find this sequence interesting and spectacular because it is very imaginative and looks like it took a long time to build in its production. Also I find it unique that Kleinman has made a cartoony sequence for a real life movie instead for an animation.

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