Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Our rough cut

The video above is our rough cut of our thriller film. it isnt a finished version its just a rough putine of what we expect to see and the possible outcomes. things we still need to add/ iclude is things like music and non digetic sounds for example on the opening scene where the girl is walking up to the house we hope to have some non digetic music of music she is listening from her phone when she gets into the house and takes the music out of her ears the non digetic of her listengin to music should stop and this is where the ariy tention begins. 

We havent fdinished all the effects and transitions we hope to add because on parts like the dead gorl appearing we hope to have her flickering mre and then this will create some entitiny of superstition or supernaturalfeatures. 

We need to add a few m,ore macth cuts to make our video more effective and we need to refilm certain shots from different point of views for example the shot when the girl looks into the room where the supernatuarl sceneces happen we need to get her point of view so that we can see it for a different layout and create a more realistic theme/atmosphere 

We our happy with the outcomoe of thes scene where the things happen by them self because the special effects our happening without seeing the way we done it or any props we used, this scene is a key scene as it sets the mood for the video and grabs the audience.

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