Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Evaluation - 8) Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel have learned in the progression from it to the full product?

TASK: Export some short clips from your preliminary task and compare them with some clips from your final production to demonstrate how you and your skills have progressed.

I believe I gained some new skills with framing camera shots since the prelimary task, along with a wider range of shots. I managed to use a wider variety of shots including wide shots to show scenary, close ups to show emotion,  high angle shots to show vulnerability and more. I also including tracking and panning and point of view shots in the final film.

My editing has improved vastly as I have learnt how to create better transitions and effects. I have also learnt to use match cuts and jump cuts with the extra shots I have taken. After asking everyone about their opinion on our opening, I can honestly say that people understand the concept of the opening. In the prelimary there was just about cut and edit, no major edits unlike the final. In the final, there included a lot of flickering effects.

Mise en scene
We used mise en scene very effectively in our final production compared to our preliminary. Starting from the props, in the prelimary there were literally no props whatsoever. But in the final film, there included various props such as balls, bags, chairs, toys etc. The outfits were far better aswel because we had to film the preliminary on the day it was set so we couldnt get a chance to find the proper outfits to suit the situation. Whereas in the final film, we managed to play off two different and opposite outfits for the two characters. The location of the final film worked very well as the scenary seemed very quiet, calm and lonely.

Our sound skills improved since the prelimary as there was no background sound or music in the prelimary. But in the final film, there was background music and sound effects which were both digetic and non-digetic.

Planning and research was very useful to our final production as it helped us plan a schedule on what days and times to film.  Research helped us in our final film a lot unlike the preliminary because we got inspiration from other real life movies.

As we slowly reached the end of the deadline, we went through many debates on who was co-operating in our group with the work and who was not. It was a vital part of the group, being a team, but after many struggles we still managed to pull through. Although we had to take up more work which we first set out to do. 

I think our organisation skills were kept standerd and the same as before. Because like before, we kept all of our files and folders neat and in the right locations.

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