Monday, 17 January 2011

Analysis - Deja Vu

In this action thriller, which was made in 2006, it starts off as a celebration where everyone seems to be cheering and yelling in joy; but at the same time everything seems slow paced including the background music. In the mean time, the opening crew and casts names are being introduced by a distorted or eroded text along with an outline of a box. The title of the movie comes in at 1:11 in a extreme wide shot from a high angle showing where the scene is going to set. There seems to be a boat party and at 2:42, we see a little girl drop her doll into the sea which indicates to the audience that something bad may come soon; foreshadowing. At 2:57, the music changes from a slow quiet pace to a loud and a cheerful sound of trumpets. At 3:16, we see a man enter the car park on the boat in suspicion of something within one of the cars. He stops at a car at 4:00 and notices that the keys are still inside and moving, which may indicate someone has been inside just a second ago, this may add tension to the audience viewing. At the same time when we enter this scene, we hear a non-diegetic music playing in the background which is supposingly meant to be the radio playing inside the car. At 4:49, the man looks in the back and notices several wired and explosive bombs; and from that glance, the whole boat blows up within seconds. At this point, the cheery sound of celebration and trumpets cuts off instantly while the whole ship explodes in the sea. We see dozens and hundreds of people falling off the boat; this might be an implementation of the title 'Deja Vu' as we have seen this happy before with the doll. I also noticed that as the explosion happens, the colour of the red and black flames collides with the blue skies and sea; destruction colliding with peace.

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