Wednesday, 19 January 2011

THE BAG SWAP PART 1 : Choosing setting

We were recently set a task to make a miniature film of a bag swap, we were given the chance to get to know the equipment better and get to see the work on our storyboards come to life.

In our group we wanted to drift away from the college aspect of, and move to a more mystified spooky scenario, as a result me and my group found a secluded alley way with an industrial found setting, it was perfect for the kind of image we was attempting to display!

at the end of the alleyway there was a warehouse and with permission, we were able to go inside and film from a peoples point of view as if someone were spying on our actors swapping bags.

we were successful in choosing a setting for our short film and created a very realistic and spooky theme!

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