Sunday, 23 January 2011

The Bag Swap

Our class and groups got set a task to produce a short clip of a 'bag swap' with a thriller feeling to it. My group first had to set out a storyboard and brainstormed each others ideas; from location, actors and additional props/objects which many be needed. We had to figure out what camera shots had to be used for the right purposes. Also we had been assigned to use different types of shots which may be beneficial to us from the teacher; point of view, over the shoulder, tracking and panning. I believe this task was set for us so we could experiment with the equipments and get a hang of knowing how to use them, making it a good practise.

After a short while, we managed to have a basic plan of how we want our thriller clip to turn. We wanted two mysterious youngsters to exchange bags where the audience doesnt have a single clue what are in the bags leaving them to wonder in this little cliffhanger.

For a location, it was simple. We wanted the theme of dark, quiet and spooky. One of our group mates, Michael, remembered walking past an alleyway each day from school and believed that this location was just perfect for the scene. When we got to the location, there happened to be a lot of construction workers and trucks in the way. After many failed attempts and interuptions in trucks moving, we asked for permission if they would gladly be happy to not enter the scene being filmed. Also we got permission to enter the dark shelter.

As we was improvising with the storyboard in class, we didnt have any problems what so ever in thinking of who could play the roles. We phoned up our close and personal friend who has had a lot of experience in acting as he is a YouTube sensation with over 6000 subscribers, DaveyJCole himself, and he was happy to be a part of this production along with a fellow friend who looked right for this occasion.

Additional props
The only props needed for this clip was two bags which wasnt hard to obtain. Not to mention the video camera and the tripod which was provided by the media department after signing a contract.

After an hours work of hard work, we managed to film the whole seen along with all of the angles and shots required in our final production. But in the end, I felt something was missing so I thought for a while and the idea came to me. I wanted this clip to be thrilling and exciting, leaving the audience have unanswered questions, so I shared my thoughts to the group and they seemed excited about it. There happened to be a dark entrance to an inner place and  I thought that it would be thrilling if we captured a point of view shot showing from inside the dark shelter looking at the actors as if someone is spying on them. This will leave the audience thinking if it was a spy, killer, or even a monster.

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