Sunday, 23 January 2011


Obviously in the media world Cameras are used to capture fortage, the Camera is the eye of the audience and can be presented in many ways, for example angles, shot types and movement.

Shot types : -

Close Up - Close shot of the full face, sometimes the top of head is cut of to totally fill view of the camera. Close ups can be cut down into Medium Close Ups which is shoulders up and Long close ups waist up. Close ups can be used to show tensions within a face.

Medium - Medium shot from the waist up, capturing body and face. Meduim close ups can be used to show actions. Medium Close Ups are also the basic Two People Shot when 2 people are in the same shot from the waist up.

Long - The long shot is simply shot of the whole body, from head to toe. It can also be used to show action and surroundings.

Wide - A Wide Shot, is the shot used to show a vast majority of scenery. Its simply a pan view.

Camera Movement : - 

Panning - the panning features involves the camera moving from side to side, this is used to show scenery. 

Tracking - when a track is used its placed down and the camera follows the the track and moves in a certain way the track is set. This is used to follow characters 

Tilting - titling is done by the camera man and its when they give a human effect and the camera is a person, thats what it can be used for. 



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