Saturday, 29 January 2011

Brainstorming Storylines #1

When we got told that we had to make a thriller based clip, I immediately started brainstorming ideas notifying myself with what is possible, and impossible. I have watched a several thrillers throughout my life and I was inspired by some thrilling chinese movies, as I believe that they think out of the box with there storylines and go beyond the extreme.

I came up with the idea of having siamese twin baby sisters at birth and one of them having to pass away as they couldnt live for long sharing one heart. Years and years later , the surviving dead sister (who doesn't even know she had a dead twin sister), comes home from a normal day until that night, where she notices that she is getting haunted by her dead sister. I also had a vision of her looking into a mirror, when she arrives home during a night full of thunder, and then suddenly her twin sister appears in a pale, ripped, dead appearance reflecting off the mirror.

I noticed that this idea was too intense and may be very difficult to produce and edit. Along with being too horror based rather than thriller based. So I will continue gathering up thoughts which may be suitable for its purpose - thrilling.

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