Sunday, 30 January 2011

Brainstorming Storylines #2

While I was walking around my house, I was thinking of stuff which could inspire me to make a storyline for a thriller. I walked around and noticed my CCTV was on, and then it hit me. I thought of a character coming home alone doing his/her usual house routine and then sitting down after a tiring day of whatever. The audience will see the character doing this from a point of view shot from an mysterious dark figure, who plays as a killer/murderer, looking at the CCTV as the character hasn't entered the room the killer is in. Then we can show shots of the abnormal going on in the house such as doors opening and closing on its own, with the sound of creaks; objects moving around on its own and quiet whispers out of nowhere. Then suddenly the character will suddenly get attacked but the audience doesnt get to see who it is, so it will be a point of view shot form the killer. It could then go back to the CCTV, showing the character getting dragged out of the room unconscious. I also considered months/years later, a new character moves into the house not knowing about the past of the incidence in this house and then will soon experience the same treatment from the unknown killer.

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