Sunday, 30 January 2011

Jelly Babies

My group got set another task to create a clip using jelly babies, as role playing characters, to make a story involving them moving, opening a door and having a conversation. We first has to think of a storyline and brainstorming ideas, we first came up with a story of a funeral of a jelly baby who got squashed but we figured that it may be too boring. Our second idea was a comedy based theme, which involved a girl dumping a boy for another boy but she ends up getting stepped on. We thought this was a suitable storyline as the audience for this type of production will be a young age and they can possibly understand or relate to the situation. I also came up with the humourous idea of the jelly baby standing on the door handle, which is actually ment to imply to the audience that it is opening the door. For this production, we thought that it was best to use still shots of each frame/part rather than having human interactions being filmed.

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