Monday, 24 January 2011

The Structure of Thriller Opening

1. A narrative opening with the titles running throughout
In most movies, narrative opening starts straight away and the audience are introduced to the location, setting and then the characters. In most cases the title runs over the scenery. An example of this is Panic Room.

2. A discrete title sequence
Discrete opening sequences are divided from the actual titles itself. They are stylish and heavy edited, and they support most of the title and credits. An example of this is Seven.

3. Titles over a blank screen, followed by the narrative opening
Some movies begin the opening with titles over a blank background before introducing the audience to the image. The titles are usually introduced along with a background music/sound and the titles may sometimes continue onto the image. An example is Donnie Darko.

4. Stylized editing
Stylized editing are majority of times fabulous and stylish. These openings would've normally have taken long to produce. An example is The Taking Of Pelham 123.

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