Monday, 24 January 2011

the Structure of Thriller Openings

Narrative Openings - The Narrative Opening is when the titles are running through-out, when this titles sequence is used it gives a very warming opening its strong because we see ALOT of footage of New York city, which tells us where its set. W e also ge a sense

Discrete title sequences - seven is an interesting title sequence we get a sense of distortion, also with the use of close ups and extreme close ups we feel threatened by the images shown. the white distorted font gives us insight of what kind of triller we're in for too. 

Titles over blank screen - This opening sequences is peculiar because there is not one piece of action, instead there is a black creen with writing. the white font highlights mystery. the title sequence drags on but gives us anxiety for the film to get under way.

Stylised Editing - my example for this type is The Taking of Pelham 123 this is AMAZING it connotes everything to do with the film and introduces all the things to do with the film. the music also tops of the opening sequence its fast moving and has attitude (Jay-Z - 99 problems)

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