Monday, 10 January 2011

Suspense - 'The Stepfather'

The Stepfather is suspense heaven, it hold so many suspense features and does its job by keeping us on the edge of our seats screaming at the screen, a few of these featueres are : -

- The Bomb Theory: The Bomb theory, is when the audience knows something that the characters don't for example lets say a Bomb was to be under a table of the dinner room, everyone in the room interacts with the table and they are INCHES from discovering the bomb and keep us in suspense agony waiting for the moment of truth...
The Stepfather used the same technique because the whole of the audience knew that the main character (David Harris) is a mass phycotic cereal killer, but the Charcter in the movie don't and we are sitting their on the edge waiting for them to find out what we already know!

- False Plateu: False Plateu is where the audience is placed in a position to beleive that a shocking is about happen and then they are let down because it was something else, so all the emotion is built up and then crushed in the falsness of the events.
The Stepfather used False Plateu when the camera was edging towards a creeky door, and we were made to beleive that the killer was in the room and then a cat jumped out and we jumped but its not what we expected.

In the end of The Stepfather, we are left on a suspensive cliff hanger, where the mass serial killer results to his original state and meets another young mum in the shopping mall and The Bomb theroy comes into play because we know he is a mass murder but she hasn't the slightest clue!

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