Tuesday, 11 January 2011

List of Thriller Sub-Genres

Within the Thriller Genre there are many sub-genres that defines different types of Thrillers here are a few below:-

-Supernatural Thriller

The Supernatural Thriller group speaks for itself in a way, anything out of the ordinary or non naturalistic  a few example of Supernatural Thrillers:

-Religious Thriller

The theme within the religious thrillers is that, the plot is always based around or on some kind of Religious attribute or conspiracy the films below are examples of Religious Thrillers:

-Techno Thriller

The Techno Thriller group have a main aspect to involve a manipulation of sophisticated technology plays an important role, Like the Films below:

-Psychological Thriller

 The Psychological Thriller involves the conflict to be mental and emotional. Psychological Thrillers are known to end in violence. a few Psychological Thrillers are below:

-Disaster Thriller

Disaster Thrillers are based on 'Disasters' for example floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanoes ect. example of a few Disaster Thrillers are below:

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  1. Really good work (and blog) Michael. A solid list of genres and well illustrated, though you could begin to discuss what particularly excites you.