Wednesday, 12 January 2011

What is Suspense ?

Suspense, suspense is an array of different techniques used to get the aqudience to feel many different feeling emotions and actions. A few of those features can be foreshadowing future eventgs within the triller, creating drama, building tension, get the audience to sit on the edge of their seats, leave unanswered questions for the audeinced, leave them screaming in terror, maybe have them saying "ohh" in confusion. Suspense is all these things and more, they are used to create real life responses to get your audience mesmorise by the peice being viewed. Suspense is also made through simple techniques for example the audience knowing something that a character dosen't it could be sematic with murder or a secret, it has a sort of a pantomime theme to it, where we are pleading with the screen not to do something or go in somewhere because we know the truth.

 - Audience in suspense

- "Inception" is a film of suspense genre, that holds great secrets and takes tactical strategic mind to work out.

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