Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Story Idea

The storyline i thought of was inspired by the film Pelham 123, as it uses the same sort of aspects of trains and convicts. This plot is unique because it dosen't tick the boxes of Stalkers, Forests or Knives (all things you may find in someones typical opening).

The Plot:-

In the first 3-5mins there will be different shots of london city and then some trains and railway statoins to show what locatoin and scenery, with a up-beat soundrack, then the scene switches to a man heading out on his normal day to work, we capture his journeyto the train station and he buys a newspaper and gets on the train, at this point the camera is facing down the train like the shot below


the seats are full and the man joins the rest of the comuters with his newspaper. It goes one stop and a rather shabby man enters the train and takes a seat his face is distingtive. The passengers start to look at him curiously as his face seems to be on the front cover of their newspapers with the headline "MURDER ESCAPES PRISON". At this point he leaves the train and a cliffhanger is left.

NOTE:- We may need to ask Transport For London permission to film on their carridges.

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