Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Camera Equipment

Here ill be talking about the different types of equipment we use to film.

JVC Final Cut Pro Camera: 

The camera by far is the most important thing, its where everything starts, it has many features to it, for example lense and microphone and is very delicate. we use the camera to obviously record and of course along with its attachments.


The battery is what goes into the back of the camera and powers it, without it filming is a myth!

Memory Card:


Our Group was given 3 different memory cards two to record video and one to record still images, we can insert the two video memore cards into the camera and from there anything wee film is stored on them, when we have finished fillming we insert the memory caqrds into card readers and store them on the Macs ready for editing.

Camera Tripod:

The Tripod is a very useful peice of equipent it allows us to attach the canera to the top and exstend the legs so we can get a perfectly still shot, with the tripods flexible head, we can pan aronud fro setting and makes filming a whole bunch easier!

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