Thursday, 10 February 2011

Preliminary Evaluation

After creating our jelly babies project, we had to then make the idea come to life. The location that we set it in was in one of the college hallways, similar to the jelly babies clip. As for the actors, we used a group of different characters who didnt do the voice overs from the jelly babies project.

I think that the final preliminary clip was up to scratch as it contained an storyline which appeals to a wide audience and it also had humour which is very appealing. When we filmed the ending, it was slightly difficult for us to think how it would work, with editing. As the jelly babies clip had a foot stamping and killing a jelly baby at the end, we gatherd that we could film both the character and the foot seperately; and it worked very well.

On a critical note, I believe that the final production could've been better as there was a lot of type of shots that were missing within the clip; therefore it looked rather jumpy at certain parts.

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